Here’s what to do if your smartphone gets wet

We all dread the day when it happens: you’ve dropped your smartphone in a puddle or pool, or even worse, a toilet. 

So what now? You rush to wipe it off and throw it in a bowl of rice, right?

Not so fast, and don’t panic. Here are some quick tips and tricks to dry your phone and save it from certain doom — the right way.

Device Insurance

Before we dive into the official tips for trying to save your smartphone from potential ruin, we would be remiss if we didn’t plead with you to purchase insurance for your device. 

Consumers lose millions of dollars every year from accidental damage, and water damage ranks near the top of the list. If you have an Apple device, look into purchasing AppleCare. If you have a device from another manufacturer, check with their customer service team — or check to see if your CREDO device is eligible for insurance.

Tips if your iPhone gets wet

Many newer iPhones have pretty good water resistance, so don’t fret if your device gets wet — but you’ll still want to dry it off as soon as possible to prevent any damage. Here are some tips straight from Apple’s website to dry out and save your device:

  1. Remove the device from the liquid and wipe your phone off with a lint-free cloth.
  2. Tap it gently against your hand with the Lightning connector facing down to remove excess liquid.
  3. Leave your iPhone in a dry area with some airflow. Placing your iPhone in front of a fan blowing cool air directly into the Lightning connector might help the drying process.
  4. Don’t use an external heat source or stick anything like a napkin or cotton swab in the ports.
  5. Don’t try to charge your device for at least five hours with a cable.
  6. If you see a liquid detection alert on your screen, visit Apple’s website here.

Tips if your Samsung/Android device gets wet

If you have an Android device, including those from Samsung, the official steps are fairly similar. Here’s what Samsung suggests:

  1. Remove the device from the liquid and wipe it off with a clean cloth or towel.
  2. Remove any water from the battery or any other openings. Samsung suggests you can use a “cotton bud” to ensure complete moisture removal.
  3. Air dry in a well-ventilated area or use cool air from a fan. Do not use external heat, like from a hair dryer.
  4. The manufacturer recommends bringing the device to a service center in case excess moisture remains in the device.

If all else fails, some users have found certain drying agents, like silica gel, couscous and instant rice may help speed up the drying process, but we suggest that you seek a certified repair technician recommended by your manufacturer to recover your device and/or the data stored on it.