Is your cell phone company enabling a far-right activist group?

If you’re not a CREDO Mobile customer, your cell phone company could be enabling an extremist, right-wing political action group. Read more about it at Bloomberg News.

In contrast, with CREDO, you can support a company that promotes progressive values, instead of other mobile companies that align themselves with a right-wing agenda.

Our philanthropy to the causes you care about is powered by our members who use our products and services every day. We’ve donated more than $94 million to non-profit groups fighting for climate justice, civil rights and economic justice — groups like the Transgender Law Center, Planned Parenthood, Color of Change, the ACLU, Doctors without Borders and Sunrise Movement.

If you’re not already a CREDO member and would like to switch to the mobile company that shares your values and donates to progressive groups every month, please check out CREDO Mobile here.