The National Abortion Hotline is fighting to make abortion care more accessible

Note from the CREDO team: This September, National Abortion Hotline is among three amazing groups that will receive a share of our monthly grant. Funding from the CREDO community will support the Dr. Tiller Patient Assistance Fund at the National Abortion Hotline, which covers travel and other practical support expenses for people seeking abortion care

Read this important blog post from Nora Turner, Development Coordinator at National Abortion Hotline, then click here to visit to cast your vote to help determine how we distribute our monthly grant to this organization and our other amazing grantees this September.

It is a devastating time for reproductive rights and abortion access in the United States. On June 24, 2022, the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, and in the months since we have seen 14 states severely restrict or completely ban abortion care. This decision has forced abortion seekers to travel across state lines to obtain the health care they need, which places an undue burden on the most marginalized among us and makes the reality of obtaining abortion care nearly impossible for many people nationwide.

At the National Abortion Hotline, we are dedicated to making abortion care more accessible for people no matter where they love or how much money they have. Through our Hotline, our intake counselors and case managers work one-on-one with people seeking abortion care, helping make referrals to clinics and providing financial support for procedure and travel needs. Every day, our staff is on the phone, supporting people with increasingly complex cases in need of help. Many patients who call us are unsure if abortion is accessible in their area and aren’t familiar with the minutia of complicated state laws, like mandatory waiting periods and gestational bans. Also, patients are facing increasingly complex circumstances, like the need to travel hundreds of miles for very early abortion care that might have previously been much more accessible. The dire reality of this new situation can’t be understated, however, and our team is working tirelessly to help as many people as possible access health care.

The National Abortion Hotline is proud, and determined, to support people who need to travel to obtain necessary abortion care. Through the Dr. Tiller Patient Assistance Fund and our travel coordination team, we are booking plane tickets and hotel rooms for patients, providing them with rideshare credits and gas cards, and even providing gift cards to help them cover food and other needs during their time away from home.

As we navigate the ever-changing landscape and laws that make it so difficult for so many people to access the health care they need, we are grateful for your support and belief in abortion access. This road is a long one, but we are glad to have you by our side in the fight to ensure abortion access for all who need it.

 For more information about abortion and other resources, including financial assistance, please call the National Abortion Hotline at 1-800-772-9100 or visit us on our website.