At CREDO, Pride Month is every month

You see it every June: corporations rainbow-stripe their logos for a month-long marketing campaign targeting the LGBTQ community — in an effort to co-opt a movement, gesture support and make profits.

Here at CREDO, we don’t change our logo — because we don’t need to.

Our brand has embodied equality and LGBTQ rights since our founding more than 35 years ago, all year-round, long before companies saw Pride as a once-a-year party they could crash.

In fact, since 1985, our members have helped us donate $15 million to progressive organizations fighting for equality and civil rights — groups like the National LGBTQ Task Force, the ACLU, Freedom For All Americans and the Transgender Law Center, who are on our donations ballot this month.

With unprecedented, discriminatory attacks on LGTBQ people sweeping state legislatures across the country, it’s more important than ever that companies embrace and fight for LGBTQ rights forcefully and authentically.

If they truly support LGBTQ rights, corporations should ditch the fake logos, press releases, marketing campaigns — and donations to anti-LGBTQ politicians — and take time to understand that Pride Month was founded on resistance — the kind of resistance and allyship the LGBTQ community desperately needs from all corners of our country, including from corporate America — all year long, not just in June.

If you’d like to vote for the Transgender Law Center and our other amazing grantees this month, please visit and take a minute to cast your ballot!