Mobilizing a Generation of Young People to Solve the Climate Crisis

The climate emergency is here. The world as we know it is running out of time and the window for small, incremental action has closed. Instead, we need urgent pro-climate policy that meets the scale of the challenge—and leaders with the courage and mandate to take bold action. Our critical window of opportunity to sound the alarm is ever-narrowing and the time to act is NOW.ACE was founded in 2008 with the visionary (and at the time fringe) belief that to halt a global crisis, the climate movement needed the engagement of young people. Back then, we were told again and again that young people were not a priority because they couldn’t or wouldn’t vote, and couldn’t be organized. How times have changed. With the failure of our leaders to act and an explosion of youth activism and visibility within the movement, our outlying belief in the power of youth is now common knowledge—and to many, our best source of hope.

ACE reaches tens of millions of young people with our programs each year, training a new generation of leaders, amplifying youth voices to shift the narrative, and increasing diverse youth participation in our democracy.

With support from CREDO members, like you, we will be able to sound the alarm on the climate emergency at a new level of scale and impact, and to exponentially increase the most effective and targeted aspects of our work to tip the scales toward climate justice. Visit CREDO’s Donations page to vote for ACE today.

ACE has a critical role to play in growing the power of the movement by amplifying the voices and values of young people. When young people call for climate justice, they do so with the moral authority of a generation that will have to live with the choices our leaders make today. Youth voices are not the only ones needed in the global climate movement, but without the power of youth, we simply cannot win.Consider voting to support ACE’s work to educate, inspire and support young people to lead the fight for their future. To learn more about ACE, please visit: