is registering voters and getting out the vote is the leading voter registration and get-out-the-vote (GOTV)  platform in America. We use technology to simplify political engagement and increase voter turnout, helping historically excluded voters by addressing the barriers that make it difficult for them to participate.

Despite all the obstacles American voters faced in 2020 — a global pandemic, rampant disinformation, shortages of polling locations and poll workers, long lines, postal service delays, and extreme weather — people across the country turned out in record numbers with nearly 160 million ballots counted.

But this didn’t happen by magic. Over the course of the year ran the largest voter mobilization program in our history, making more than 650 million voter contacts among historically excluded voters. Millions more used’s digital tools to register, verify their registration, request an absentee ballot, find their polling location and more, resulting in the highest voter turnout in 120 years.

While we are proud of our work in 2020, we also know that there’s no such thing as an “off” election year. Throughout 2021 politicians across the country have pushed for legislation that makes it harder for their fellow Americans to vote. These restrictions on early voting, voting by mail, voter registration and more have been designed to silence Black voters, young voters, and working voters who can’t take time off to stand in hours-long lines on Election Day.

Our work to remove barriers to voting and increase voter turnout is now more critical than ever. In less than a year voters will make their voices heard as they elect governors, senators, members of Congress, and other local elected leaders. has a big plan to register and turn out voters for these elections in a big way, and with our freedom to vote itself at stake, as well as our democracy, this work is more critical than ever.

With enough support, will be able to deploy this plan — crafted using proven tactics and modes based on data-driven election research and culturally competent messaging — ahead of the 2022 elections, including:

  • Utilizing voter data to grow our Election Reminder program, which sends state-specific, up-to-date election information to voters across the country. For the 2020 General Election alone, we sent more than 41 million election reminders. In 2022, we plan to continue this program at scale.
  • Investing early in billboards, digital advertising, text messaging, radio and Spotify advertising, and campus advertising to meet voters where they are with the critical information they need to vote.
  • Deploying food trucks with Election Protection information to provide access to free food and water for voters stuck in long lines at the polls, making it safer and more comfortable for voters to stay in line and exercise the right to vote.
  • Thoroughly saturating all cost-effective media channels with a message to VOTE on or before Election Day.

As’s work in 2020 showed , reaching voters with these messages is key to a thriving democracy. We rely on your support to get voters the tools and information they need to register to vote and cast their ballot, no matter what. I hope you’ll continue to invest in our work — and in a more equitable and accessible American democracy.

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