CREDO funding helps NDWA fight for the rights of domestic workers

At the National Domestic Workers Alliance, we believe that domestic work makes all other work possible.

NDWA works for the respect, recognition, and inclusion in labor protections of domestic workers, the majority of whom are immigrants and women of color. Driven by the lived experiences and aspirations of domestic workers, we employ five main strategies to transform the domestic work sector:

  • Organizing domestic workers and developing leaders by providing a space for workers to share information, build skills with training and resources, access benefits, get support, and organize to win rights
  • Developing policy solutions and deliver wins through economic recovery, immigration, caregiving, survivor, and essential worker advocacy
  • Changing the story by leveraging the power of popular culture to shift key narratives and elevate character-driven stories of domestic workers
  • Innovating by using technology to solve for equity and dignity and to find new ways to make work better for domestic workers
  • Mobilizing underrepresented women of color voters because we know that when women of color vote, we build a better world.

Thanks to the leadership of nannies, house cleaners, and home care workers, we are on the cusp of winning historic investments in caregiving and immigration through President-elect Biden’s Build Back Better plan.We have the opportunity to accelerate policies that protect workers and raise standards at the state and city levels in part due to partnerships advising on cash assistance, new policy, reopening guidelines, and pivots from relief to recovery. 

Along with our coalition partners, we will also continue to seize the opportunity created by the current visibility and appreciation for essential workers to uplift domestic and home care workers’ inherent value and dignity. 

With your vote and CREDO’s support, NDWA will continue to forge new pathways to make every job into a good, living wage job with benefits by 2030 and to create a multi-racial democracy where women of color are supported to lead.