These corporations are funding the Texas ban on reproductive rights

When an extreme abortion ban went into effect earlier this month in Texas — where 7 million women of reproductive age live — one in every ten women in the country now have had their reproductive rights essentially stripped away. 

The right-wing Texas politicians who sponsored this attack on abortion rights are funded by some of the largest household brands in the country, including big names in insurance, technology, automotive and Big Telecom — most notably, the mobile giant known for its blue globe logo and long-time backing of Republican causes.

If you’re looking to change your consumer behavior, or if you want to hold these corporations accountable, check out the top 10 corporations who funded the Texas ban on reproductive rights.

The Texas law, commonly referred to as S.B 8, is one of the most deplorable attacks on reproductive freedom in the country and bans abortion after six weeks, before most people even know they are pregnant. The law rewards private citizen bounty hunters for turning in anyone who helps someone receive reproductive care.

Thanks to the tenacious research and reporting by Judd Legum and his team at Popular Information, here are the top corporations that have bankrolled the sponsors of S.B. 8:

Their analysis also revealed that many of these companies have publicly come out in favor of women’s rights, then privately donated hundreds of thousands to extreme politicians who wage war on women’s rights and restrict abortion care.

Take, for example, AT&T — a long-time funder of right-wing causes and politicians. In 2020, AT&T issued a report on diversity and inclusion saying that “gender equity and the empowerment of women” was a core value of the company. And just last month, it celebrated Women’s Equality Day, saying it was “a day to reflect on the many challenges women in our society still face to achieve equity.”

Challenges, indeed…like seeking reproductive care in Texas. With $301,000 donated to the sponsors of S.B. 8, AT&T is making it much harder for women and those seeking abortion to achieve equity.

It’s not surprising that AT&T is near the top of this list, but it’s still loathsome. As of March of this year, AT&T donated $574,500 to the backers of Texas voter suppression bills. The company donated millions to Donald Trump and hired his criminal associates. Over the last two years AT&T donated $1,079,500 to anti-LGBTQ federal politicians, and another $2.7 million anti-LGBTQ politicians in 2017 and 2018. 

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