Breaking Through At The Ballot Box with The Fairness Project

When politicians fail, The Fairness Project helps grassroots organizations run ballot initiatives to support working families. In just five years, we have raised wages, expanded health care, and brought paid leave to over 17.7 million people. 

Since 2016, The Fairness Project has broken new ground and won Medicaid expansion at the ballot box in red and purple states when politicians have refused to act. Our work to expand Medicaid in Maine, Utah, Idaho and Nebraska paved the way for us to deliver health care to an additional 430,000 people in Missouri and Oklahoma last summer.

The Fairness Project ー along with local state partners, hundreds of Oklahoman advocates, and volunteers ー worked tirelessly to pass Question 802, an initiative to expand Medicaid. We collected a historic number of signatures to certify the ballot language and on June 30, 2020, Oklahomans voted to deliver health care to 200,000 of their community members, help keep rural hospitals open and bring tax dollars back into the state from Washington, D.C. Along with the expanded health care, the state is expected to gain over $1 billion annually in federal dollars and create over 20,000 new jobs.

After helping to lock in this victory, we’re thrilled that on June 1, 2021, Oklahomans were finally able to begin enrolling in Medicaid to access the life-saving care that they voted for. Oklahoma voters put Medicaid expansion on the ballot and demanded change. On July 1, 2021, benefits went into effect for over 125,000 people who’ve qualified so far.

Now, we’re working to expand Medicaid in South Dakota so that nearly 50,000 parents, farmers, and retirees can access life-saving care. Our nonpartisan coalition to expand Medicaid is one of the broadest coalitions to ever launch a ballot measure in South Dakota because it’s common sense — thousands of hardworking, low-income communities should not have to go without necessary health care coverage.

By going directly to voters with our campaigns, we’ve been able to change millions of lives — but we’re just getting started. Funding from CREDO will help empower voters through ballot initiatives to win progressive policy change for economic, racial, and gender justice by raising wages, expanding Medicaid, guaranteeing paid sick leave, curbing predatory lending, and more. 

Vote now for The Fairness Project to promote equity in America and help families across the country strengthen their economic security and live better and healthier lives.