The survey results are in: Equality and LGBTQ nondiscrimination across America

Despite significant victories for equality in recent years, LGBTQ Americans continue to face discrimination in many parts of our country.

That’s why, this Pride Month, we teamed up with our June grantee Freedom For All Americans to survey CREDO members about equality and discrimination in their area to help FFAA fight for full nondiscrimination protections for LGBTQ people nationwide.

Thousands of CREDO members took our survey, and here are the results.

We began the survey asking respondents whether they were aware of protections in their state against LGBTQ discrimination. Many people were not sure if the LGBTQ community is fully protected in their state.

Next, we highlighted that 29 states — more than half of all U.S. states — have not passed full nondiscrimination laws to protect LGBTQ people. A plurality of respondents expected this to be the case, and more than a quarter were surprised it is so high. 

Click here to see if your state offers full LGBTQ nondiscrmination protection.

Recent polling from the Public Religion Research Institute found that 76% of all Americans, including 85% of Democrats, 78% of independents, and 62% Republicans, support full nondiscrimination protections for LGBTQ people. A majority of survey respondents did not expect the support for these laws to be so popular.

We then asked a series of questions about the Equality Act, a bill in Congress that would extend protections to LGBTQ people at the federal level, which is a priority for our allies at FFAA. 

A overwhelming majority — more than 86% of respondents — are aware of the Equality Act.

More than half of all survey takers have taken action at least once to support the Equality Act, with more than one third taking action multiple times.

Finally, we asked our members what grassroots actions they’d be willing to take to make sure the Equality Act becomes law. We learned that a large majority want to use their voice to make change, so here are some ways you can take action today to help us and our partners at Freedom for All Americans ensure the Equality Act will protect the LGBTQ community nationwide:

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