Take Back the Court is fighting the Republican theft of the Supreme Court

After the passing of progressive icon Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Donald Trump and right-wing Republicans rammed through Trump’s third hyper-partisan Supreme Court nominee right before the 2020 election, solidifying for a generation a conservative majority bent on turning back decades of progress on reproductive rights, workers rights, voting and civil rights, the environment, and so much more.

Instead of being America’s last line of defense for liberty, justice and our fundamental rights, the Supreme Court has now become a branch of government reliably looking out for the interests of corporations, the wealthy and the Republican party, over everyday working families.

That’s why, after RBG’s passing in September 2020, CREDO members helped us donate $50,000 to Take Back the Court, an important ally in the fight to expand the Supreme Court and restore the right to vote, ensure reproductive freedom, protect workers, halt our climate emergency and save our democracy.

Since our donation, the assault on our elections, voting rights and democracy has only intensified, with more than 40 states introducing legislation to suppress the vote, especially in communities of color, as well as the insurrection on the U.S. Capitol to overturn the presidential election. This assault on our democracy was enabled by the Roberts’ Court’s outrageous decision to gut the Voting Rights Act.

Take Back the Court has been tirelessly advocating to add more seats to the Supreme Court as the only practical, proportional way to reverse the theft of the Supreme Court and restore its balance, integrity, and independence — and the organization’s victories in the last few months have made waves in Washington and across the country.

In April, the organization advocated for the introduction of the Judiciary Act of 2021, historic legislation introduced by Sen. Ed Markey and Reps. Jerry Nadler, Hank Johnson, and Mondaire Jones, that would expand the Supreme Court from the current nine seats to thirteen as an essential structural reform to counterbalance the theft of the Court by right-wing partisan politicians. The bill’s introduction received 17 original cosponsors, widespread coverage in NBC, CBS, Vox, Good Morning America and other major outlets, and a massive coalition of progressive organizations who back the bill. Speaker Nancy Pelosi even said that court expansion should be considered.

If we want to restore our democracy, end partisan gerrymandering, restore the Voting Rights Act, and stop the flood of unlimited dark money in our politics, the organization argues, then we must un-rig the system and expand the Supreme Court. You can read more about why expanding the Court is so important from Take Back the Court’s director Aaron Belkin in “The Case For Court Expansion.

Structural reform of this scale won’t be easy, and Take Back the Court needs our help. Here are some ways to get involved: