How CREDO funding to Planned Parenthood is helping protect access to care

For more than 35 years, we’ve been honored to fund Planned Parenthood’s important work to protect access to health care and reproductive rights. In fact, since 1985, CREDO customers like you have generously helped us donate more than $3.6 million to Planned Parenthood and its affiliates, making CREDO among its top corporate donors.

Just by using our products and services every day, you and other CREDO customers power our donations to strengthen women’s rights, at no extra cost.

Today, we’d like to share a story that highlights how critical funding like ours to Planned Parenthood is helping Latinx organizers fight for public policies that represent their communities and work to protect access to health care.

Organizer Norma Jimenez got involved with Planned Parenthood in Phoenix, AZ in 2018 to help Spanish-speaking communities enroll in health care plans through the Affordable Care Act. After the enrollment period ended, she continued working with Planned Parenthood to provide educational forums for local Spanish speakers. And, after personally experiencing a lack of quality sex education in school and at home, she advocated for better sex education policies that were adopted by local school districts.

Norma is a Planned Parenthood organizer because: “Planned Parenthood is the country’s largest sex education provider as well as the go-to provider for reproductive health care for people. Planned Parenthood was there for me when I needed my first annual exam. They were there when I needed to learn about my birth control options and most importantly, Planned Parenthood helped me find my voice, and my identity. I learned to love my body unconditionally. I want all young people to know they are not alone, and it’s okay to feel confused and scared. Planned Parenthood is here for you.”

Stories like these are possible because of the generosity of supporters across the country, including funding from CREDO Mobile customers who use our products and services every day, at no extra cost to them.

While Planned Parenthood isn’t on our donations ballot this month, you have the opportunity to vote to help us fund three other, important nonprofit organizations who need our help: Amazon Watch, Center for Disaster Philanthropy, and UltraViolet.

If you haven’t yet voted this month, please take a minute and visit to vote for one, two or all three of these amazing groups today.