Survey results: What apps are helping you get through the pandemic?

For more than a year now, CREDO members have found new and exciting ways to be more resilient and innovative in their day-to-day lives — with new technology, tools and apps to make things more manageable, organized and connected.

We recently asked our members which apps and other tools they’ve relied upon to make life a little easier during the pandemic. From video conferencing to mindfulness to books and social media, CREDO members found a lot of ways to stay connected, entertained and productive on their phones and tablets during these tough times.

After nearly a thousand responses, here are the results and suggestions for new apps to try out. Enjoy!

During the pandemic, have you spent more time at home than you did before?

We just passed the one-year mark announcing the official start of the pandemic, and during the time since, many of us transitioned to work-from-home or distance learning, traveled less and have sadly seen our family less, too (which we hope is ending soon!). We asked our members if they’ve been home more during the past year, and the answer was an overwhelming “Yes” from nearly 95% of our members who responded.

Have you adopted any new tools or apps that have made your life easier while you’ve been at home?

With all this time spent at home, a majority of CREDO members sought out new apps and tools to make life a little easier.

In which areas, if any, have you adopted new tools or apps that have made your life easier?

There are a lot of apps, programs and tools on the market today, but one category of app stood above the rest: health and wellness, followed closely by communication and shopping. 

For many of us here at CREDO, health and mindfulness apps have been important additions to our phone’s home screen. Personally, I use Headspace every day, and it’s been very helpful to reduce stress and increase happiness.

In which areas, if any, do you face regular inconveniences and wish you had better solutions?

At the same time, our members would still like better solutions to help with health, fitness and mindfulness, as well as shopping, productivity and communication.

Looking for a new app? Here are some member suggestions.

We also asked specifically which apps you are using regularly and which ones you’d recommend to a friend.

Not surprisingly, Zoom came out on top as the most suggested app among all of our members.

Also not a surprise, the most popular social media app recommended by our members is Facebook. If you haven’t liked CREDO Mobile on Facebook yet, now’s your chance!

A lot of CREDO members use Kindle to read e-books, but many also use Libby, an app that lets you borrow and read e-books from your local public library for free. You can download Libby on the App Store or Google Play.

Lastly, the most popular health and wellness app suggested by our members was Calm, a popular meditation and sleep app. One year ago, just as the pandemic was about to change our lives, we suggested 5 apps to help you manage stress and anxiety, many of which are still helpful today, especially as we look forward to life hopefully returning to normal soon.