The results are in: CREDO members put their money where their values are

CREDO was founded on the idea that consumers can do business with companies that share their values and do good for people and the planet.

And it’s been more successful than we ever imagined: We’ve donated over $91 million to progressive nonprofits since 1985 — all at no extra cost to our customers who love using our products and services every day.

We recently surveyed members like you on their purchasing habits to get a better sense of what motivates them to spend money with a company that gives back — which will ultimately help us better serve you. Nearly 2,000 CREDO members answered with some incredible and surprising responses, and here are the results.

Which word feels best to describe your political views?

We know very well that personal values and political leanings intersect symbiotically. The majority of our members who value progress on civil rights, reproductive freedom and climate justice tend to identify as progressive, liberal or socialist. According to our survey, our hunches were right — with nearly 77% of respondents identifying as one of the three.

Which, if any, of the below do you do on a regular basis?

Next, we asked our members what political or value-driven activities they engage in regularly. The top four responses align with some of the same activities most of us here at CREDO enjoy, too: Donating to progressive candidates and causes, discussing politics, advocating for important causes, and, of course, buying from companies that share our values.

Which causes are most important to you?

Next, we wanted to know which causes were most important to our members. We know that every issue is important, but when asked to pick the *most* important, climate justice was the overwhelming choice, followed by income inequality, pandemic relief, democracy reform and racial equality.

How often are your buying decisions influenced by your values?

Not surprisingly, more than 96% of our members who responded always, usually or sometimes consider their values when making purchases!

If you learned your current phone company supported causes that don’t align with your values, would you switch?

When it comes to phone companies that align with progressive values, CREDO stands alone. We donate millions to nonprofit groups that fight for LGBTQ rights, economic equality and more — and we never, ever donate to right-wing causes, unlike our competitors. 

In fact, AT&T has long been a funder of Republican politicians and conservative causes, and T-Mobile cozied up to the Trump administration by spending nearly $200,000 at Trump’s DC hotel at the same time it needed federal approval for a mega-merger.

When asked, the vast majority of CREDO members would switch to a carrier that aligns with their values. 

We also know that some folks or their family members have hesitations about switching to a new cell phone provider — and that’s okay! If you aren’t yet a CREDO customer and want to know how easy it is to make the switch, please give us a call at 866-997-0235.