No matter the results, you can make a difference

Dear CREDO members,

I first joined CREDO during the 2016 election season. Barack Obama was president. Our economy was still recovering from the worst recession in generations, but we were directionally optimistic. The pressing issues of our day — climate justice, racial and LGBTQ equality, reproductive freedom, economic justice  — were, I thought, making some real, meaningful gains. What I thought, what I suspect many of us hoped, was that the next president would of course continue fighting for these causes we care so deeply about – and if not fighting for these causes, would at least abide by the progress that had been made. 

Now, four very different years later, we face another choice this Election Day. We cannot allow four more years of ignorance and incompetence, fascism and white supremacy, selfishness and lies, climate and science denial, racism, misogyny and bigotry. More than 230,000 of our friends, neighbors and loved ones have died, millions more are sick and tens of millions are falling into economic despair and face needless suffering while the current regime ignores truth.

This year, perhaps more than any other, we must vote  — which is why we gave our employees the day off today — and we must choose leaders who support our values. Protecting women’s rights, fighting big polluters and combating the climate crisis, providing paths to citizenship, allowing all of us the most basic dignities of human life, ending systemic racism and expanding equality, ensuring our economy works for everyone and protecting the future of our democracy. 

If you’re like all of us at CREDO, the choice you and other progressive voters are making today is pretty clear. And while we may not know the results this evening — or even in the next few days or weeks — no matter how things turn out, please know this: You can make a difference. 

As a CREDO member, we will need you on our side more than ever — regardless of who wins — to continue pressing for our progressive values, holding those in power accountable and supporting our partners on the frontlines of these important fights. CREDO members have been part of some of the biggest progressive victories in the last decade, no matter who held power, and your support of our grantee partners beyond this election, with the simple act of being a CREDO member, will help secure more critical victories for the causes we value.

Because progress doesn’t end with an election. It’s just the beginning.

In solidarity,
Ray Morris

P.S. If you haven’t yet voted, please visit to find your polling place and cast your ballot before the polls close this evening.