5 Ways to Keep Fighting for Progress before Election Day

We’re in the final stretch of the most important election of our lives. The presidential debates are over. Millions are early voting. Millions more absentee ballots have been turned in. Turnout on Election Day could be historic.

Here at CREDO, we’re not sitting idly by while we wait for results. There’s just too much at stake and still too much to do before the final ballots are cast.

Let’s not wake up on Nov. 4 and wish we could have done more. Here are 5 ways to stay engaged and do everything we can before Election Day.

1. VOTE! 

Yes, this one’s obvious, but with so many extra hurdles to voting during the pandemic, this is a critical reminder to make sure you complete every step in the voting process. Please do not wait until the last minute.

If you’re voting absentee or by mail, make sure you return your ballot AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. If you are able, drop off your ballot in a secure and official dropbox location. If you are voting in person, try to vote early and be prepared to wait. Here are some tips for voting safely.

Encourage your friends and family to do the same.

If you haven’t registered to vote, if you’re not sure you are registered or if you still need to request a ballot, you may still have time depending on where you live. 

Visit Vote.org right now to check your eligibility to register and vote.

2. Apply to be a poll worker. 

The United States is facing a poll worker shortage during the pandemic. Even though many people are voting by mail this election, many people with disabilities, do not have reliable mail service, or simply do not trust the postal service, will be voting in person. Having enough poll workers at each polling location will ensure those who require assistance voting get the help they need to cast their ballots.

You may still have time to apply to be a poll worker in your community. Visit Power The Polls to learn more and apply today.

3. Sign up to be an Election Protection volunteer with Protect the Vote.

When we recently surveyed CREDO members about voter suppression, nearly 50% said that they are worried that it could have an impact on the election in their communities. Common Cause, a non-partisan, non-profit organization, is looking for Election Protection volunteers who can help protect voters’ rights from the threats they will face trying to cast ballots in this election.

Sign up with Protect the Vote and they will reach out with all the information you need to get started.

4. Volunteer with the Working Families Party. 

Our allies at the Working Families Party, a CREDO grantee, have multiple ways you can get involved before Election Day, from virtual voter phone and text banks, poll site visibility events, and more.

Learn more and get involved with the Working Families Party’s election events.

5. Adopt a state with Vote Save America.

The folks behind the popular left-leaning Pod Save America podcast have built a robust set of Get-Out-The-Vote tools to help volunteers target battleground states. At Vote Save America’s “Adopt a State” project, you can pick one of six swing states to help organizers and volunteers in states like Pennsylvania and Arizona get out the vote for candidates that support our progressive values right from your home.

Learn more and adopt a state today.