Write letters to voters & strengthen our democracy with Vote Forward

Vote Forward is a nonprofit organization with a mission to empower grassroots volunteers to help register voters from under-represented demographics and encourage them to vote. We build tools to enable Americans, wherever they may be, to encourage fellow citizens to participate in our democracy. 

Starting with our first field experiment in Alabama in 2017, we’ve conducted multiple randomized trials that have shown that writing these letters is the single most effective use of volunteer time from afar. Thousands of volunteers now use our software platform to take action to strengthen our democracy from home. 

In 2020, our goal is to inspire volunteers to write 10 million “Please vote!” letters in the months leading up to the election. The letters will be mailed en masse in October, at the start of the get-out-the-vote period. We’re calling it The Big Send and we’re forming a coalition of volunteers and allies to help make it as big as possible. 

Letter-writing is an easy and fun activity, even for first-time volunteers, and a great way to engage in a tangible, impactful action. And in the age of social distancing, it’s an activity we can all do by ourselves at home.

Volunteers are already writing more than 10,000 letters per day on average, but we need help to reach our goal of 10 million letters! 

Are you ready to take part and help reach voters across the country safely from home? Join Vote Forward and start writing letters today!

To learn more about CREDO’s voting rights project CREDO Votes 2020, where you can take action, watch videos, win prizes and help us distribute $250,000 among three great voting rights nonprofits, please visit CREDOMobile.com/votingrights.