Don’t fall for AT&T’s shady upgrade tactics

Last week, AT&T sent out an email to its customers with a pretty scary headline: “UPDATE NEEDED.” 

The email went on to explain that the customer’s phone “is not compatible with the new network and you need to replace it to continue receiving service,” and rather conveniently included a way to purchase a new phone online.

Here’s the problem: The email was completely misleading. According to recent reports, AT&T won’t make the network switch until February 2022 — almost two full years from now. Yet, AT&T insinuated that its customers — some who purchased a phone just last year — needed to upgrade immediately lest they lose service.

To say we’re disappointed is an understatement. As a mobile provider that was founded on doing good, we pride ourselves on treating our customers with respect, by providing top notch products, protecting customer privacy, a mission of philanthropy to progressive causes, and great service on the nation’s best network.

Honestly, we’re not surprised by AT&T’s shady tactics. The company has a long history of corporate greed and supporting Republican politicians and right-wing interests. They’ve donated millions to Donald Trump and anti-LGBTQ candidates and have worked hand-in-hand to help the NSA spy on Americans’ internet traffic. Here are 8 reasons to drop AT&T right now.

We’re here to tell you that we’ll never resort to shady and misleading sales tactics — or supporting right-wing causes. Our customers choose us because they trust us as a company and because we share their values. We donate nearly $2 million each year to progressive causes fighting for civil rights, reproductive freedom, climate justice and more — and every month, we include our members in the donations process to help us decide how to distribute our funding. We don’t know any other mobile carrier that can say that.

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