CREDO Donates $75,000 for COVID-19 Relief

As our nation continues to reel from the coronavirus pandemic, all of us here at CREDO know we have a moral obligation to help those affected in any way we can. 

It’s vital now more than ever to ensure frontline organizations have the resources to respond by getting food, relief and critical aid to where it’s immediately needed. That’s why, last week, we established a special COVID-19 Response Fund to donate $75,000 — above and beyond our monthly giving to nonprofit groups — to three organizations working to help our most vulnerable communities.

More than 16,000 CREDO members stepped up over the last few days to help us decide how to distribute these funds among Mercy Corps, National Domestic Workers Alliance and World Central Kitchen. Here are the results:

$23,708 to Mercy Corps

$28,732 to the National Domestic Workers Alliance

$22,560 to World Central Kitchen

Mercy Corps

The $23,708 CREDO donation will help Mercy Corps, through its Mercy Corps’ COVID-19 Resilience Fund, provide emergency supplies, food, clean water and urgently needed support to vulnerable families and communities during this crisis and beyond.

National Domestic Workers Alliance

With its $28,732 CREDO donation, NDWA’s “Coronavirus Care Fund” is working to slow the spread of the virus by providing emergency assistance for domestic workers that enables them to stay home and healthy.

World Central Kitchen

A $22,560 CREDO donation will help World Central Kitchen deliver fresh meals, help get restaurants back to work, feed frontline healthcare workers and map out feeding efforts during this crisis.

Thank you to all our members and customers who helped us distribute this critical funding during this crisis. If you’d like to help us distribute even more donations — at no cost to you — to three nonprofits in April doing important work for the climate, peace and civil rights, please visit and vote today.