How our buying choices actually change the world

Does making better consumer choices really help save the world?

We get that question a lot, and, of course we think so! For more than 30 years, CREDO’s mission has been to give consumers the opportunity to create positive social change with everyday acts of commerce.

Maeve Higgins, host of the great podcast Mothers of Invention (a podcast we highly recommend!), recently  asked that same question in the New York Times after she closed her Chase bank account because Chase and other big banks continue to fund dirty fossil fuel companies that contribute to the climate crisis.

But does one person’s action make an impact? Of course, because there’s power in numbers. As Higgins puts it, “The actions I’m taking are small, but I hope they’re building up….If everybody took action — I mean every single one of us — we would be plain sailing.”

So what can you do to help save the world? Sure, you too can close your big bank account. But you can also drop your current mobile phone company — a company that might be funding the Trump administration and other right-wing causes — and switch to CREDO, the carrier with a conscience that donates nearly $2 million a year to the causes we all care about.

AT&T, for example, has a long history of fighting against our progressive values. The company has proven to be a staunch supporter of corporate greed, Republican politicians and right-wing interests. They’ve donated millions to Donald Trump, contributed to anti-LGBTQ and anti-abortion politicians, laid off workers after receiving massive tax cuts and even helped re-elect a white supremacist to office. (Here are 8 reasons to drop AT&T.)

Likewise, T-Mobile not only hired Donald Trump’s former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, it copied pages from the corporate playbook to curry favor with Trump: Book some rooms at the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C. After announcing a $26 billion mega-merger that needed approval by the Trump administration, T-Mobile executives, including its outspoken CEO John Legere, booked at least 38 nights and spent at least $195,000 at Trump’s hotel.

Other mobile carriers may be putting profits above values, but that doesn’t mean you have to. Here at CREDO, we would never attempt to curry favor with Trump or fund right-wing causes. Just the opposite. Every month, we donate to three great progressive nonprofits — groups that are fighting for climate justice, civil rights, reproductive freedom, LGBTQ and women’s rights, economic equality and more.

So yes, you too can make a difference, create progress and do your part to help save the world. Learn more and join us today at