Vote for Americans for Tax Fairness, Friends of the Earth and NARAL Pro-Choice America this March

Every month, CREDO members vote to distribute our monthly donation to three incredible progressive causes – and every vote makes a difference. This March, you can support groups fighting for economic justice, the environment and climate justice and women’s rights and reproductive freedom by voting to fund Americans for Tax Fairness, Friends of the Earth and NARAL Pro-Choice America.

Americans for Tax Fairness

ATF mobilizes public support for progressive tax reform, so we have the revenue to protect Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid and to make new investments in education, housing, infrastructure, and more to create an economy that works for all. 

A grant from CREDO would cover expenses for ATF’s part-time writer, who provides the backbone of the content generation that so many groups depend on, and a chunk of ATF’s email consultant, who makes ATF’s online activism program successful.

Friends of the Earth

Friends of the Earth defends the environment and champions a more healthy and just world. The organization works at the nexus of environmental protection, economic policy and social justice to fundamentally transform the way people and the environment are valued.

Support from CREDO will help Friends of the Earth protect our environment from Trump and his efforts to dismantle essential protections for clean air, water and a healthy climate, uniting with our international federation of partners in 75 countries.

NARAL Pro-Choice America

NARAL is powered by its 2.5 million members in all 50 states. The group represents the 7 in 10 Americans who support reproductive freedom and believe every person should be able to make personal decisions about pregnancy free from political interference. 

A CREDO grant would allow NARAL to expand its impact, working to protect and expand abortion access across the country, while mobilizing the organization’s members with a comprehensive strategy to drive voter turnout in states critical to 2020.

Your vote this month will determine how we divide our monthly donation among these three progressive groups. Be sure to cast your vote to support one, two or all three by March 31.

CREDO members who use our products and services everyday are the reason we are able to make these donations each month. Learn more about CREDO Mobile and CREDO Energy and join our movement.