Vote for American Civil Liberties Union, The American Prospect and Fair Fight Action this December

Every month, CREDO members vote to distribute our monthly donation to three incredible progressive causes – and every vote makes a difference. This December, you can support groups fighting for civil rights, independent progressive journalism and voting rights by voting to fund American Civil Liberties Union, The American Prospect and Fair Fight Action.

American Civil Liberties Union

The ACLU helps fulfill our nation’s promise of equality, liberty and justice for all. The organization is fighting back against the Trump administration’s attacks on immigrants, women, LGBTQ people and voting rights.

Funding from CREDO members will help the ACLU hold the Trump administration accountable.

The American Prospect

The American Prospect is a leading source for coverage of how power works in America, from Washington to the corporate boardroom. The Prospect goes beyond the headlines to explain and analyze our political system, who it benefits and how it can be transformed.

A CREDO grant will support the Prospect’s expansion from four to six issues a year, hiring a new generation of progressive journalists, more coverage at its brand-new website, and a deeper commitment to telling stories about ideas, politics and power.

Fair Fight Action

Fair Fight is a national voting rights organization rooted in Georgia. It’s the nation’s only organization focused on making elections fair – for all – through litigation, legislation and advocacy.

A donation from CREDO members will help fund Fair Fight’s lawsuit challenging Georgia’s unconstitutional elections policies and procedures in a historic federal lawsuit against the Georgia secretary of state and Board of Elections. 

Your vote this month will determine how we divide our monthly donation among these three progressive groups. Be sure to cast your vote to support one, two or all three by Dec. 31.

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