Our August grantees thank you for your support

Each month, CREDO members vote on how we distribute funding to three incredible nonprofits. Those small actions add up – with one click, you can help fund groups supporting progressive labor policies, making our government more inclusive and representative, and fighting to protect our environment. In August, over 61,000 CREDO members voted to distribute our monthly donation to Democracy for America, National Day Laborer Organizing Network and Rainforest Action Network.

These donations are made possible by CREDO customers and the revenue they generate by using our services. The distribution depends entirely on the votes of CREDO members like you. And for that, our August grant recipients thank you.

Democracy for America

“Thank you CREDO members for being essential allies in our fight to build a country and a Democratic Party that’s unflinchingly committed to an inclusive populist political agenda up-and-down the ballot in all 50 states.” – Charles Chamberlain, Democracy for America

To learn more, visit www.democracyforamerica.com.

National Day Laborer Organizing Network

“Thank you for standing with NDLON at a time when your support is very needed! CREDO members like you make an impact on the communities, programs and member organizations we serve.” – Pablo Alvarado, Co-Executive Director, National Day Laborer Organizing Network 

To learn more, visit www.ndlon.org.  

Rainforest Action Network

“Thank you for supporting Rainforest Action Network! CREDO members like you further RAN’s mission to protect people and the planet by addressing the root causes of climate change, deforestation and exploitation within extractive industries.” – Lindsey Allen, Executive Director, Rainforest Action Network

To learn more, visit www.RAN.org 

Now check out the three groups we are funding in September, and cast your vote to help distribute our donations.

CREDO members who use our products are the reason why we are able to make these donations each month. Learn more about CREDO Mobile, the carrier with a conscience.