CREDO protesters crash fundraiser for Speaker Nancy Pelosi in San Francisco #CloseTheCamps

Trump’s racist deportation and criminalization nightmare is becoming a reality right before our eyes. Trump and his racist henchmen aren’t just running concentration camps for children on the border. They are terrorizing immigrants across the country and doing their best to change federal policies and practices to close our doors to refugees, take social services away from immigrants and inflict their racist agenda on our democracy.

Democrats who refuse to stand up to Trump are complicit in this nightmare. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has the power to defund the agencies implementing Trump’s racist agenda, or at least use her power to rein them in, but recently, she caved to Mitch McConnell and Republicans and pushed through additional funding.

That’s why I led a protest outside a fundraising event hosted by Speaker Pelosi in San Francisco to hold her accountable and show her what standing in solidarity with immigrant families looks like:

"They told us we could only have one layer of clothing, and took the rest of our clothes and threw them away."

As her donors brushed past our crowd, we urged Speaker Pelosi to stop writing blank checks to those who want to destroy our democracy and to close these camps once and for all. She has the power to show real solidarity with the people Trump threatens every day by defunding ICE and CBP and by letting go of her chokehold on an impeachment investigation – but she’s refusing to use it. 

We expect more from her, and we will continue to demand it.

To watch the entire livestream of our protest, please click here or watch below: