Victory: Key House Democrat requests Trump’s tax returns

CORRUPT Written next to image of Donald Trump

Thanks in part to CREDO members who generated more than 87,000 petition signatures and more than 1,300 phone calls, House Ways and Means Chairman Richard Neal finally requested Donald Trump’s tax returns from the IRS.

This victory was long overdue, but it is incredibly important because Trump’s tax returns could be key to unveiling his web of corruption and the way wealthy elites dodge taxes, which is why Trump rejected tradition and refused to release them. His returns could uncover all sorts of potential corruption, including tax fraud, compromising financial ties to Russian oligarchs or the super-rich in America, and his personal profiting from the Trump Tax Scam and holding office.

We hope this action by Chairman Neal is an indication that he and other Democrats – who now have important oversight responsibility with subpoena power – will conduct aggressive oversight of the Trump administration moving forward.