Victory: Congress votes to end U.S. involvement in Yemen

No War in Yemen written over helicoptersVictory! Thanks to hundreds of thousands of CREDO activists and allies who raised their voices to fight back against the war in Yemen and helped bring an end to this horrible humanitarian crisis, Congress voted to end U.S. involvement in Yemen.

With massive U.S. support, Saudi Arabia waged war in Yemen for more than three years, resulting in around 50,000 direct casualties of violence and more than 113,000 children – 130 a day – dying of malnutrition and preventable disease. The United States provided the Saudis with weapons and logistical and intelligence support and helped refuel coalition jets as Saudi Arabians dropped bombs on Yemeni civilians under the guise of confronting Iran, which has limited ties to Yemen’s Houthi rebels.

While Donald Trump could still veto the resolution – as he remains dangerously cozy with the Saudi regime – this action by both houses of Congress sends a clear message that Trump’s warmongering is unacceptable, and the responsibility for the atrocities and heart-wrenching death toll occurring in Yemen fall squarely on Trump himself.