Victory: FOX News will not host Democratic presidential debate

Victory! After more than 56,000 CREDO activists and allies signed the petition to demand that Democrats not legitimize hate-spewing FOX News with a presidential debate, the Democratic National Committee announced that it would not partner with FOX to host any primary debates.

FOX is a vile, hate-spewing, misogynist dumpster fire of an organization that sparks violence and serves as Donald Trump’s personal propaganda network while masquerading as a news company. Hosts and guests on Fox News offer a steady stream of racist rhetoric and paranoid conspiracy theories to keep Trump’s approval ratings high among his Republican base. The network has always stood for far-right extremism, but with Trump in power, the network is pumping up the hate and fear to new heights.

There was never any reason whatsoever to host a Democratic debate on FOX News, and we’re glad to see the DNC come to its senses. Activism works – so thank you for everything that you do to hold those in power accountable.