Victory: House votes to block Trump’s illegal emergency declaration

After massive public pressure, including from more than 150,000 CREDO members who signed an urgent petition, the House of Representatives voted to revoke Trump’s national emergency declaration to build a wasteful and racist wall on the southern border.

Donald Trump is the real emergency, and this House vote shows that our nation is sick and tired of Trump’s racist attempts to divide us and shows his emergency declaration for what it is: an ugly attempt to grab power in service of ramping up the administration’s attacks on communities of color.

Now it’s up to Senate Democrats to follow the lead of their colleagues in the House and vote to revoke Donald Trump’s national emergency. The progressive community is watching closely and expects Senate Democrats to present a united front in the fight against bigotry, hate and authoritarianism. Senate Republicans, especially those in battleground states, also have an important choice to make: they can continue to be spineless lackeys for Trump or finally stand up to his threats to our democracy.

Thank you to all who have signed our petition. If you haven’t yet added your name, click here to tell Congress to revoke Trump’s national emergency declaration.