CREDO stands with teachers and students (and show your support with a poster!)

Public school teachers and students deserve better. That’s why, across the country, teachers are standing up to demand better pay, more classroom funding, increased support staff and smaller class sizes in response to nationwide underfunding of public schools.

In Arizona, Colorado to Kentucky, Washington, Oklahoma, West Virginia and California, teachers are walking out or striking to stand up for the future of their students – and they are winning.

As Robert Bruno, a professor of labor and employment relations at the University of Illinois, told the Associated Press, “What you’re seeing…is real enthusiasm and a belief that you can actually be successful…there’s now a sense that you can actually win.”

We agree! Teachers – many of whom are women and people of color – are fighting for the future of their students and standing up to the policies of austerity that have woefully and chronically underfunded public schools. These teachers are putting their jobs and lives on the line to improve the conditions for their students and their fellow teachers and staff, and they work day in and day out to ensure that every child has an opportunity to succeed.

If you’re participating in a rally or would like to support teachers, we have some posters you can download and print at home:

Download poster: Stand with teachers
Download poster: Stand with students
Download poster: Stand with students, stand with teachers