How CREDO members’ support helped the Electronic Frontier Foundation and other progressive groups

Since our founding, CREDO has supported progressive nonprofits on the frontlines of the most important fights for civil rights, climate justice, equality and more. The donations we make to these organizations wouldn’t be possible without our members. And that’s why we want to share with you what our recent grantees have accomplished with their CREDO funding. Here’s how your support has helped the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Rainforest Action Network, Detention Watch Network and the  Brennan Center for Justice.

Electronic Frontier Foundation

After receiving CREDO’s May grant of $43,005, EFF, in partnership with the ACLU, won its lawsuit arguing that the First and Fourth Amendments require border officers to get a warrant before searching our electronic devices.The court rejected the government’s motion to dismiss the case, signaling that the government’s invasion of people’s digital privacy causes constitutional concerns.
Electronic Frontier Foundation protest, with members holding signs that say "Secure Phones Save Lives" and "Privacy Matters"

Rainforest Action Network

After receiving its $52,905 CREDO grant, RAN and partners launched a new U.S. campaign, “Insure our Future,” with the short-term goal of stopping U.S. insurance–company support for coal and tar sands and the longer-term goal to stop insurance-sector support for all fossil fuel expansion. RAN also stood with Indigenous & frontline communities during the Global Climate Action Summit in September to publicly condemn California state leadership’s lenient regulations for big oil and gas companies.

Detention Watch Network

Since receiving its recent $46,350 CREDO grant, DWN launched its new Communities Not Cages campaign, which works with local partners to prevent potential detention expansion and the spread of immigration detention and fights to shut down existing detention facilities.
Detention Watch Network protest with members holding a brightly painted banner of a mother and child of color hugging

Brennan Center Justice

CREDO’s $60,625 grant supported a critical Brennan Center for Justice campaign to fight voter disenfranchisement in Florida. Its work, in partnership with other local activists and policymakers, helped successfully pass Proposition 4 during the midterm election, which restored voting rights to more than 1.4 million people with past convictions in the state.

You can learn more about how previous grantees have used CREDO’s funding here. These efforts by our partners were made possible in part by the CREDO members who use our products and services everyday. Learn more about CREDO Mobile and CREDO Energy and join our movement today.