Victory: FedEx drops the NRA

Red image with the words "Stop the NRA" in the middle, with an American bald eagle holding an assault rifle in the background.

Thanks to massive public pressure, including activism by tens of thousands of CREDO members, FedEx finally announced that it would be ending its long-time discount program with the NRA.

In response to the horrific massacre in Parkland in February, many companies, including Delta, United Airlines and Enterprise, ended their partnerships with the extremist gun industry lobby group, however, FedEx chose to keep aligning itself with the NRA and continued to help legitimize the organization.

CREDO launched a petition urging FedEx to break ties with the NRA and nearly 70,000 CREDO members quickly took action.

FedEx claims pressure on them to end its partnership with the NRA had nothing to do with recent mass shootings, but we know better. Activism is playing a huge role in weakening the NRA’s power.

In recent months, after massive public outcry, we’ve seen major gun retailers like Dick’s Sporting Goods stop selling AR-15 assault rifles and Walmart end sales of guns and ammunition to people under 21.

While many retailers have taken a bold stand, there’s still work to do to get major investment firms like Vanguard and Blackrock to stop profiting from their investments in gun companies. In fact, Sen. Elizabeth Warren has demanded that these investors use their power to force gun manufacturers to make us safer, not more at risk. You can increase the public pressure and spur real action to rein in gun violence by signing our petition urging BlackRock, Vanguard, Fidelity and the other major gun investors to demand change.

You can sign the petition here: