CREDO Mobile is behind the mysterious Ted Cruz artwork in Texas. Here’s why we did it.

Over the last few weeks, mysterious artwork of right-wing Sen. Ted Cruz popped up around Houston, San Antonio, and Austin, Texas on plywood billboards, posters, and other public places:

Ted Cruz painted on plywood and Ted Cruz posters in HoustonMultiple media outlets, social media users, and voters questioned why these puzzling, yet fascinatingly pixelated art installations of one of America’s most reviled senator were installed:

Social media reaction posts to Ted Cruz poster campaigns

It might sound strange, but CREDO was behind it. Here’s why:

After every mass shooting, all we get from Republicans like Sen. Cruz are “thoughts and prayers.” That’s no longer enough. It’s time to hold them accountable and we knew we had to take action.

Early this morning, the images of Sen. Cruz were modified to reveal their true meaning: each dot comprising the image of Sen. Cruz represents one act of gun violence in the United States –  for a total of 36,231 since the beginning of 2018 through Aug. 15, 2018.

The images now direct viewers to, our new website that includes an incredible reveal, information about our campaign and how voters can take action against gun violence, including by voting out Sen. Cruz.

Ted Cruz 36,231 dots one for each recent act of violenceFor far too long, Sen. Cruz has been taking his marching orders from the NRA instead of listening to his constituents. He’s been one of the NRA’s most reliable lapdogs in the Senate, and this year, we have a real shot at voting him out and sending a message to his buddies in Congress who put the NRA ahead of their constituents.

Americans of all political stripes overwhelmingly support common-sense gun reform. That’s why we’re reminding voters that they have a powerful weapon against the NRA: their vote. And that’s why we’re committed to doing everything we can to support our customers’ values and make sure their voices are heard.

With this campaign, we’re putting Cruz and the NRA – and all members of Congress who stand in the way of lifesaving gun reform – on notice.

And as a CREDO member, you can be proud of this campaign. Just by using your CREDO products, you helped put into motion this incredible effort to hold Sen. Cruz and the NRA accountable.

We urge you to share our new website,, with your friends and family – especially if they live in Texas, to get the word out that Sen. Cruz is in the deep pockets of the NRA and against his constituents who want common sense gun reform.

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