Tuesday Tip: 7 Ways You Can Help Keep Kavanaugh off the U.S. Supreme Court

Tuesday Tip: 7 Ways You Can Help Keep Kavanaugh off the U.S. Supreme Court

The ascension of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court would cast a shadow over our country for decades to come.

Kavanaugh, in his words and past rulings, has staunchly opposed civil rights, economic justice, women’s rights, marriage equality, climate justice, and peace.

Kavanaugh is a hardcore conservative with a long track record of decisions against the environment, against consumers and for voter suppression He holds the practically unheard-of opinion that presidents are above the law, an especially dangerous view given the role the Supreme Court will likely play in determining whether Trump will be held accountable for possible collusion with Russia to undermine our democracy.

Kavanaugh would likely invalidate same-sex marriage and provide the fifth vote to overturn Roe v. Wade.

In short, Kavanaugh would be a disaster for the U.S. – a right-wing extremist who will rubber-stamp Trump’s attacks on women, immigrants, Muslims, LGBTQ people, workers, people of color, the planet, and our democracy as a whole.

Of course, given the GOP majority in the Senate—and given that majority’s cowardly refusal to oppose Trump at any turn—it will be very hard to keep Kavanaugh off the Supreme Court.

But there is a narrow path to success—if we take action and pressure Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer to move with strength.

50 votes to block Kavanaugh

It is Schumer’s job to ensure that all 49 Senate Democrats oppose the confirmation of Kavanaugh, including Democrats in red states. He must keep his caucus together in fierce resistance to Trump’s Supreme Court takeover.

If Schumer holds the Democrats, we need at least one Republican senator to vote no to reach the 50 votes needed to block Kavanaugh’s confirmation (assuming that Sen. John McCain continues to be absent from the Senate). The focus is on Sens. Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski, who claim to be pro-choice Republicans. Other, less likely options include Republicans who claim to respect our democracy and are willing to reject Trump’s effort to stack the Supreme Court with a justice who backs his authoritarian agenda.

If we act together as progressives who proudly fight for women, Muslims, immigrants, LGBTQ people, workers, voters and our environment, we can press Democrats to hold the line and attract at least one Republican vote.

Please join us. Take these steps to stop the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh and prevent Trump from cementing his agenda of hate and greed at the highest court in the land.

  1. Sign the petition to Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer. 
    Tell Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer: Hold the Democratic caucus united against Brett Kavanaugh.
  2. Call Schumer’s office. 
    Call Chuck Schumer in Washington and demand that he do his job and unite the opposition to block Kavanaugh. You’ll see a helpful call script when you click the link.
  3.  Sign the petition to protect Roe v. Wade
    Tell the Senate: Stand with women. Block anti-abortion operative Brett Kavanaugh.
  4.  Ensure the Senate has all of Kavanaugh’s records before holding hearings. 
    Tell the Senate: Don’t fast-track hearings on Brett Kavanaugh. Release and review his records before holding confirmation hearings.
  5. Prevent the Senate from institutionalizing Trump’s bigotry. 
    Tell the Senate: Don’t institutionalize Trump’s bigotry and corruption in America’s highest court by approving another Trump nominee. Block Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation.
  6. Sign the petition to protect the Mueller investigation. Tell key Republicans: Don’t let Trump build a court that will undermine the Mueller investigation.
  7. Attend a United for Justice Rally on August 26. 
    On August 26, Americans will stand united in the commitment to our freedom and our future to demand that the U.S. Senate stop Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination for a lifelong appointment to the Supreme Court

It won’t be easy to block Kavanaugh and save the Supreme Court from Trump’s toxic right-wing extremism. But we do have a way to win. Please join with us and take action against Brett Kavanaugh.