What is Rise for Climate and why you should participate

Editor’s note: This piece is adapted from a post originally published by 350.org.

Wildfires. Mudslides. Drought.

In California, we’ve seen the terror that insufficient action on climate change has wrought – just like in the rest of the world, the impact from climate change has increased to a higher pace and intensity. And, we’ve seen the visionary solutions we need to build a thriving, just and healthy planet.

In September, the eyes of the world turn here, to San Francisco and the Global Climate Action Summit, where local leaders from around the world will be called on to demonstrate their approaches to the rising crises. And we think this summit offers a unique opportunity for people all around the world to do the same – in towns, institutions, cities and states… If they walk the talk, we will walk with them. If not, we will push them to get moving.

That’s why 350.org and our allies at CREDO, along with dozens of others, are organizing the Rise for Climate, Jobs & Justice marches on Sept. 8 – thousands of rallies in cities and towns around the world to demand our local leaders commit to building a fossil-free world that puts people and justice before profits.

It’s an opportunity we can’t afford to miss – and we need your help, here in California, across America and all around the world.

We’re drawing upon the strengths of our movement: indigenous people, workers, youth, people of faith, communities of color, families and others to build a massive mobilization that demands what our communities and the planet really need – bold, immediate action toward a just transition away from the era of fossil fuels and false solutions and toward a renewable economy that protects our families, workers and planet where everyone has enough to thrive. Will you join us?

Here’s how you can get involved:

  • Organize around the world on Sept. 8 and demand that your local leaders step up to what our communities truly need. You can find or start an event here.
  • Do you live in California? Join us in San Francisco on Sept. 8 and the following days to put forth a vision of what real climate leadership is by RSVPing here.

This critical moment calls for critical action. Will you join us?

For more information, visit the Rise for Climate website.

Additional resources for getting involved: