An update on some of the amazing work CREDO members are helping to fund

Since our founding, CREDO has supported progressive nonprofits on the frontlines of the most important fights for civil rights, climate justice, equality and more. The donations we make to these organizations wouldn’t be possible without our members. And that’s why we want to share with you what our recent grantees have accomplished with their CREDO funding. You helped make the following possible:

National Domestic Workers Alliance’s recent $52,684 CREDO grant helped the organization become an anchor in the Families Belong Together coalition that formed in response to the Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” immigration policies. The organization led a grassroots campaign to demand the end of family separation and detention and called for the reunification of the over 2,300 children who were separated from their parents this spring. To learn more, visit

Since Amnesty International received its recent $60,190 CREDO grant, the organization launched a variety of campaigns to support its work to demand human rights for all people, including Troll Patrol, a global effort to stop abuse against women on Twitter through direct advocacy and using thousands of digital volunteers to track and report abuse. To learn more, visit

Earthjustice used its recent $63,724 CREDO grant to continue fighting Trump’s efforts to roll back critical environmental and public health protections. The organization’s work included filing and winning lawsuits around safe pesticide handling in California and the EPA’s failure to protect civil rights in the environmental context. It also prevented an enormous coal export terminal from getting shoreline permits in Washington. To learn more, visit’s recent $66,141 grant supported new climate action projects across the globe, including “Fossil Free,” which encourages and supports 350’s network of volunteers to start new local campaigns to push city governments and other institutions to stop and ban the development of any new fossil fuel projects and commit to a just transition to 100 percent renewable energy. To learn more, visit

These efforts by our partners were made possible in part by the CREDO members who use our products and services everyday. Learn more about CREDO Mobile, the carrier with a conscience.