CREDO reaches $86 million in donations to progressive groups

We’ve got some really exciting news to share: CREDO has recently surpassed the milestone of having donated $86 million to progressive groups since we opened our doors in 1985!

That’s $86 million in donations to organizations like the ACLU, United We Dream, Planned Parenthood and so many more that are fighting for civil rights, climate justice and the environment, peace, women’s rights and other progressive causes.

This achievement is only possible because of the loyalty of CREDO members who use our products every day. From our mobile phones and long distance to our credit cards and now our new energy product – our members are fueling the progressive movement in incredible ways.

So if you’re a current CREDO member, we’d like to say thank you. If you’re interested in joining our progressive movement, click here to learn more about the products that fund it: CREDO Mobile and CREDO Energy.

Again, thank you for believing in our vision of creating positive social change every day. Here’s to $87 million – and beyond!