Free Posters to Download for Families Belong Together March on June 30

Donald Trump doesn’t care about immigrant children, and his recent executive order does nothing to help children still separated from their parents and families who are being detained and jailed at the border.

The massive outrage over Trump’s inhumane family separation policy has put Trump and his Republican lapdogs on the defensive.

That’s why, on June 30, CREDO is supporting massive Families Belong Together protests in Washington and in cities and towns across the country to increase pressure on Republicans in Congress and the Trump regime to abolish ICE and stop criminally prosecuting immigrants and detaining families.

If you’re attending a protest, we have free posters for you to download, print, and bring with you.

Download your free posters

Download ICE: Inhumane Cruel Evil (PDF) – 18×12 in.

Download Familias Merecen Estar Unidas (PDF) – 18×12 in.

Download Freedom for Immigrants (PDF) – 18×12 in.

Download Abolish ICE (PDF) – 12×18 in.

Download: Families Belong Together and Free 18x12in.