International travel tips

Travel season is almost here. Your bags are packed and your itinerary is airtight, but what about your mobile device? Check out these helpful tips that will make it easier for you to stay connected while traveling internationally.  

Set up your device for international travel 

If you would like to use your CREDO Mobile service for talk and text while abroad, you can conveniently set up your device for international travel use through our member services portal. We recommend setting it up at least 48 hours in advance of your trip to ensure all updates are in effect before your departure. If you are taking multiple devices, please follow these steps with each device you plan to take. You will only need to go through these steps once per device. That way, if you travel internationally in the future, you are all set.

Keep in mind that CREDO Mobile does not offer access to data internationally. Free access to Wi-fi can be found in many locations, though if you would prefer to have regular access to data, we recommend you purchase a local SIM card. See our Local SIM card use tips below.

To set up your device for talk and text while abroad, follow these steps:

  1. Login to Member Services
  2. Under Quick Links, select change features.
  3. Under International Travel, select International Voice & Text Roaming
  4. Click Add to Cart & Continue
  5. Review your New Order Summary, then click Check Out.
  6. Once you have thoroughly reviewed your order, click Place Order.

If you are having trouble setting your device up for international use, please contact our customer support team at 800-411-0848 for additional assistance.

Local SIM card use

If you know you’ll need regular access to data while traveling, purchasing a SIM card from a local provider may be the way to go. You may find it’s easier and less expensive to purchase a SIM card for international use once you’ve arrived at your destination.

Another option is to purchase a global SIM prior to leaving the US. There are many vendors that offer SIMs provisioned with prepaid buckets, such as GigSky. This can take some of the stress off of searching for a SIM once you arrive. 

If you do decide to use a local or global SIM card, please note that you will be paying another service provider for your text and data usage, not CREDO Mobile.

Tips for purchasing and using an international SIM card:

  • Purchase your SIM card from a confirmed carrier retail location. This will allow you to ask carrier representatives questions, and receive any additional support you may need.
  • Insert your SIM card properly. Check out this short video on how to select the right sized SIM, and insert it into your device.
  • Be sure to retain your CREDO Mobile SIM card. You’ll need to re-insert it once you return to the U.S.


Other tips for international travel

Protect your device
CREDO’s Mobile Protection Plan can help protect your device should it be damaged, lost, or stolen during your trip.

Messaging Apps
Apps such as What’sApp and Skype allow users to make calls, and send SMS and picture messages for free, so long as you have access to a secure Wi-fi connection.

Wi-fi safety
Not all connections can be trusted, so be sure to use Wi-fi safely. To ensure you’re making a safe connection, and that your information and privacy are protected:

Use verified networks. Many hotels and retailers offer free Wi-fi access, just be sure you are connecting to the right network.

  • Update your passwords prior to your trip.
  • If you need to, make any app or software updates before your trip.
  • Avoid online purchases if possible.Chargers
    Don’t lose power while you’re on the road. Be sure you have an adapter that will allow you to charge your device safely. There are a number of versatile adapters that will work in multiple countries.

Support while traveling internationally

For security reasons, we block access to our websites from international traffic to protect our members’ safety. Therefore you will not be able to access the CREDO Mobile website or Member Services portal.  Should you find yourself needing support while traveling, you may contact us at or use the following number to contact our team: +1-571-730-5554.