Holding Democrats accountable when they attack our progressive values

When Democrats in Washington stick to their progressive values and stand up for what’s right, CREDO is among the first in line to publicly give them credit.

But when anyone, including Democrats, actively undermines or attacks progressive values, we will not hesitate to hold them accountable.

So recently, when some troubling actions by Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) — the campaign arm of House Democrats that raises tens of millions and provides vital support for Democratic candidates — came to our attention, we knew we had to act – by working with our friends at Justice Democrats and Our Revolution to launch an urgent online campaign and full public relations push to call out the DCCC.

And thanks to our activism, the media – including the Washington Post, CNN, USA Today, The Hill and HuffPost – is paying close attention.

Here are some of the notable actions the DCCC has been taking recently to undermine our progressive values:

If you’d like to join our campaign to hold the DCCC accountable and demand that they stop attacking progressive values, please click here.