Our January grantees thank you for your support

Each month, CREDO members vote on how we distribute funding to three incredible organizations. Those small actions add up – with one click, you can help fund work that creates unlikely alliances to fight Big Oil, provides reproductive health care across the country and fights for justice for immigrants and communities of color. Just last month, over 85,000 CREDO members voted to distribute our funds to Bold, Planned Parenthood Affiliates and United We Dream Action.

These donations are made possible by CREDO customers and the revenue they generate by using our services. The distribution depends entirely on the votes of CREDO members like you. And for that, our January grant recipients thank you.

“CREDO members never back away from a fight that takes money, grit and commitment. Our unlikely alliance continues to stand up to Big Oil. Thank you for supporting our Bold work and believing in the power of we the people.” To learn more, visit boldalliance.org.

Planned Parenthood Affiliates
“Planned Parenthood has fought for more than 100 years to ensure all people have access to the health care they need and deserve. Our movement is stronger than ever, thanks to our supporters and long-standing partners like CREDO. We’re deeply grateful.” To learn more, visit plannedparenthood.org.

United We Dream Action
“United We Dream is deeply grateful to the CREDO members who share our vision of an equitable world that respects the dignity of all human beings and support us on our journey toward justice and opportunity for all immigrants.” To learn more, visit unitedwedream.org.

Now check out the three causes we are funding in February, and cast your vote to help distribute our donations.

CREDO members who use our products are the reason why we are able to make these donations each month. Learn more about CREDO Mobile, the carrier with a conscience.