CREDO Mobile recognized for unwavering support of gender equality

I’m honored to announce that CREDO Mobile was given the Best Corporate Giving for Gender Equality award by Philanthropy Women for our commitment to gender equity funding. The 2018 Philanthropy Women Leadership Awards are awarded to “recipients who have demonstrated exceptional leadership in the field of gender equality philanthropy.”

Reproductive rights, closing the wage gap, having more women in political leadership – this is all part of the story of women’s empowerment. I’m proud of the work CREDO Mobile has done to empower organizations fighting for equality, and I’m excited for the work ahead in 2018.

For more than 30 years, CREDO has been an outspoken supporter and funder of progressive organizations fighting for women’s rights and gender equality. Since 1985, CREDO has donated nearly $10 million to progressive groups fighting for these causes, and we’re proud to be Planned Parenthood’s largest corporate donor.

Here’s more from the Philanthropy Women announcement of our award:

CREDO gives a large percentage of its corporate philanthropy dollars to gender equality, and Ray Morris, as CEO of CREDO, appears to be continuing the company’s 30-year commitment to gender equality funding. In fact, gender equality accounts for about 11.7% of CREDO’s funding for progressive causes. Imagine if every corporation gave 11.7% of their philanthropy dollars to gender equality. We would be able to accelerate the progress of gender equality movements and reach critical mass sooner. For these reasons, we award CREDO Mobile the Philanthropy Women Best Corporate Giving for Gender Equality award.

You can read more about the award and learn more about other recipients on the Philanthropy Women website.