Fighting for peace with Win Without War

Donald Trump’s foreign policy is, without question, a disaster. With his unstable and reckless rhetoric toward North Korea, we are arguably the closest we have ever been to nuclear war in a generation. He has blurred the lines between his Twitter thumbs and a finger on the nuclear button, putting the entire global community at an existential risk.

Likewise, Trump’s complete disregard for diplomatic norms and his positions on Iran, Yemen, Iraq and Afghanistan threaten America and innocent civilian lives.

While thwarting Trump’s dangerous control of our foreign policy and military apparatus may seem like a daunting task, our progressive allies in the peace movement are leading the way.

Last month, we were honored to welcome Stephen Miles, executive director of of Win Without War, one of our strongest allies in the fight for a more peaceful world, to CREDO headquarters:

LIVE NOW: Win Without War live at CREDO headquarters

CREDO welcomes Win Without War’s Stephen Miles to discuss how the organization has refocused its efforts since Donald Trump took office.

Posted by CREDO Mobile on Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Last year, CREDO members voted to donate more than $57,000 to Win Without War, and CREDO and Win Without War have been long-time partners in the fight to stop reckless wars and promote peace around the world.

Born out of the movement against Iraq War, Win Without War has for more than a decade helped lead the effort to promote peace and a more-progressive national security strategy. Today, the organization is working to hold Donald Trump accountable for his bombastic rhetoric on North Korea and prevent a nuclear catastrophe.

During his visit to CREDO HQ, Stephen explained that the situation with North Korea is one of the most complex and complicated challenges in international security right now, and Trump is making the dynamic in Korean Peninsula increasingly difficult with his reckless threats of fire and fury.

But there are ways progressives can fight to keep Trump from unilaterally launching strikes. Stephen discussed his organization’s efforts urging lawmakers to put up barriers to prevent Trump from waging war with North Korea. But Congress isn’t going to act unless we make our voices heard. As Stephen pointed out:

“We need to make demands, not requests. We need to make sure that anyone who wants to call themselves a progressive champion is answering the question: What are you doing to stop Donald Trump on North Korea?”

You can watch the entire conversation on CREDO’s Facebook page.