Tuesday Tip: How to use your phone as a personal Wi-Fi hotspot

How to Use Personal Wifi Hotspot on Your Phone | CREDO Mobile

These days, almost any smartphone can also work as a personal Wi-Fi hotspot. That means you can use it to connect a laptop, tablet or another phone to the internet, same as you’d use the Wi-Fi connection at your local cafe.

But often better, for a couple of reasons. If the cafe is crowded and its Wi-Fi connection is slow, using your phone as a hotspot will deliver faster internet, as long as your cellular connection is good. Plus, your personal phone hotspot is usually more secure than the public networks at cafes, airports and hotels.

How to do I turn on my personal wifi hotspot?
On an iPhone, go to Settings > Cellular. Tap Personal Hotspot then toggle the slider on. You can set up your Wi-Fi password here. Then, on your laptop, find your phone and connect using the password you just set up.

The hotspot process for Android devices varies from one device to another. Generally, you can go to Settings > Connections > Mobile Hotspot and Tethering. Then toggle on Mobile Hotspot. Set your network name and choose the security. Make sure to enable security and set a password to be safe. Then, on your laptop, search for the hotspot and connect using your password. Find instructions for your specific Android device in our support section.

Can I call and text while my phone is a hotspot?
You will receive calls and texts while your phone is a personal hotspot. You may experience connectivity interruptions during phone calls, depending on the quality of the cellular network connection.

Do hotspot connections use a lot of data?
You can consume a lot of data if you use mobile hotspot frequently. Make sure to monitor your data usage and adjust your monthly data plan anytime to avoid overages. Mobile hotspot can also be a drain on your phone’s battery. If possible, plug in your charger while using hotspot to avoid running out of juice.

I’m already a CREDO Mobile customer. Does hotspot come with my plan?
If you’re on a Shared Data Plan, the mobile hotspot option is automatically included. If you’re on an older CREDO Mobile plan (hasn’t changed since August 26, 2014) you might or might not have mobile hotspot. Check Member Services to find out which services are enabled on your smartphone.

How much does personal wifi hotspot cost?
If you’re on a CREDO Mobile Shared Data Plan, mobile hotspot usage counts toward your monthly data allotment, same as regular internet browsing or using apps. It’s a good idea to turn off mobile hotspot when it’s not in use to avoid overages. If you’re on an older CREDO Mobile plan and you have signed up for hotspot, this will be billed separately from your regular data charges, at $20 for the first 2GB. Mobile hotspot usage over 2GB is billed at $10/GB.

Personal wifi hotspot is a handy smartphone feature that enables you to access the in more places and often more quickly and securely. Give it a try next time you’re on the go.