At CREDO, staying green is a core value

Here at CREDO, we live our progressive values every day, and one of our strongest values is doing business as sustainably as we can. That’s why we’ve implemented green practices throughout our company. Here are some of the ways we’re committed to staying green:

*We’re working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, including CO2 emissions. We offset the carbon emissions of the phones we sell through This includes the carbon produced by the shipping of phones and the carbon produced by the electricity used to charge them throughout their lifespan.

*We empower grassroots environmental action. Our members’ activism has helped shut down coal-burning power plants, pressured organizations to divest from dirty fossil fuel companies, banned fracking in New York, stopped oil and gas pipelines from being built and protected public land from fossil fuel development. Learn more at

*We helped install solar panels in the path of the Keystone XL pipeline. To resist the construction of the dangerous and dirty oil pipeline, we joined our allies at Bold Nebraska, 350, Indigenous Environmental Network and Oil Change International to install solar panels directly in the proposed route of the Keystone XL pipeline to provide clean, renewable energy to farms and ranches that could be affected by pipeline construction. Learn more about the Solar XL project here.

*We support environmental nonprofits. We’ve donated over $19 million to environmental groups like 350, Friends of the Earth, Rainforest Action Network and Earthjustice.

*We make phone recycling easy. Recycling phones is good for the environment in many ways. It saves energy and diverts toxins from landfills. By reclaiming precious metals, it helps preserve animal habitats from mining. We work with Eco-Cell to make it easy for our members to recycle their phones.

*We save paper. We print our bills on 100 percent postconsumer recycled paper and plant 100 trees for every ton of paper we use – enough to make another ton. We also strongly encourage all of our members to use paperless billing options.

*We plant trees. We’ve planted almost 4 million trees worldwide through donations to tree-planting organizations. In June, we worked with Trees for the Future to plant 10 trees for each phone we sold. The campaign planted over 11,000 trees in sub-Saharan Africa, where Trees for the Future help families plant trees and food crops together to transform overused and exhausted lands into forest gardens.

Learn more about CREDO’s efforts to stay green here.