#Charlottesville: CREDO is fighting back against racist white supremacy

Last weekend, Charlottesville, Virginia was the epicenter of white supremacist Nazi hate.

White supremacist protesters marched through the streets of Charlottesville carrying torches and chanting “white lives matter” and “we will not be replaced.” After a day of racist, anti-Semitic and anti-LGBTQ protest, a terrorist slammed his car into a crowd of anti-racist counter protesters, killing at least one person and injuring almost 20 others.

After these terror attacks, Donald Trump pandered to his white supremacist Nazi supporters by blaming “many sides.” His comments have further emboldened these racist terrorists, and Nazi hate groups are praising Trump’s disgusting statement.

Here at CREDO, our hearts go out to all those who are standing up to this hate in the face of violence and death threats. As a company whose core values are to stand up for the civil rights of people of color, women, LGBTQ people and other communities who face discrimination and violence because of systemic oppression and bigotry, we are doing everything we can to fight back.

As soon we received reports of the violent protests in Charlottesville, we instantly called out the white supremacists perpetrating hate. In a video we posted on Facebook that has been viewed almost 1 million times and shared nearly 25,000 times, white supremacist David Duke praises Donald Trump, and Nazis march by chanting “Heil Trump”:

DEPLORABLES: Trump Nazis in Charlottesville

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Posted by CREDO Mobile on Saturday, August 12, 2017

After news that brave protesters were injured and Heather Heyer, a 32 year old woman from Charlottesville, was murdered when a white supremacist plowed his car into a group of innocent people, we worked with our progressive allies to organize vigils across the country. We livestreamed a vigil in Washington, DC for all those who could not attend a vigil in their community:

LIVE: Standing with Charlottesville in DC – in front of Trump’s racist White House. ✊ ✊

Posted by CREDO Mobile on Sunday, August 13, 2017

Now, we are asking CREDO members and activists to join us and our friends at Color Of Change in taking action to remove symbols of hate from public places.

White supremacist Nazis chose Charlottesville because they are outraged that officials are planning to move statues honoring Confederate generals from city parks. Sustained organizing has helped bring down Confederate symbols in Charleston and New Orleans, but since Donald Trump’s election, white supremacists have been emboldened and ever more threatening. We cannot let Trump’s Nazi supporters slow down our fight to reclaim our public spaces from symbols of racist hate and terror.

Click here to sign and share our petition urging federal, state and local government officials to take down all symbols of the Confederacy in America.

With a racist misogynistic bigot occupying the White House and invigorating his white supremacist supporters with racist rhetoric, it is up to us to stand up to this hate. Thank you for everything you do.