4 ways you can fight back against the attacks on the environment

Every day it seems like there’s a new, dangerous attack on the environment by the Trump administration: the nomination of longtime fossil fuel industry ally, Scott Pruitt, to lead the EPA; the pick of Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson to head the State Department; and Donald Trump’s recent executive orders to roll back President Obama’s Clean Power Plan and restart construction on the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines.

And we know these are just the tip of the iceberg. Trump has pledged to dismantle decades of long-standing regulations that keep our air and water clean and our food safe.

We can fight back. With Earth Day fast approaching, we’d like to share four ways you can join the fight and stand up to the attacks.

  1. Hold your lawmakers accountable. Holding our lawmakers accountable for their rhetoric, votes and actions is critical to prevent the Trump administration from wholly dismantling environmental regulations. As May Boeve of 350.org recently suggested during her visit to CREDO headquarters, we should take the time to “thank and spank” our elected officials – that is, thank them for taking votes to protect the environment and speak out when they take actions that danger the climate or environment.
  2. Attend the People’s Climate March. On April 29, hundreds of thousands of people will march to stand up for climate justice in Washington and cities across the country. CREDO is proud to be a partner organization supporting the march. To learn more and attend a march near you, visit the People’s Climate March website.
  3. Take action. Sign petitions. Call Congress. Write letters to the editor. Attend townhalls and speak out. The non-stop resistance to Trump’s dangerous agenda is working, and we can’t back down. We recently scored a major victory to ban fracking in Maryland after thousands of CREDO activists spoke out. Now, we’re pressuring the Nebraska Public Utilities Commission to halt construction of the Keystone XL pipeline. You can add your name here.
  4. Stay informed and educate your friends. With the daily attacks on the climate and environment, it’s important to keep up with and bring to light the Trump administration and his fossil-fuel cabinet’s alarming actions. Republicans are adept at throwing up smoke screens in the media to distract us from their actions, and not everyone in your social circles or family may be paying attention to Trump’s assault on the environment. Read news from trusted sources, share articles on your social media channels, and continue to inform your family and friends.