New video: CREDO stands with Muslim Advocates against Trump’s bigotry

During the campaign and since he’s entered the White House, Donald Trump has waged an extremist war against the Muslim community like we’ve never seen before. He’s called for a “total and complete shutdown” of Muslims entering the country, appointed anti-Muslim bigots to serve in the White House and signed two executive orders banning Muslims from entering the country.

At the same time, his tidal wave of bigotry has spilled into the streets and into the mainstream. Hate crimes against Muslims have risen 67 percent, and the number of anti-Muslim groups has tripled since the election.

This March, we welcomed Muslim Advocates Public Advocacy Director Scott Simpson and Deputy Director Naheed Qureshi to CREDO headquarters for a conversation about the reality of discrimination against Muslims and other minority communities in the Trump era.

CREDO is proud to be a strong ally of Muslim Advocates and its work fighting Donald Trump’s unconstitutional Muslim ban. In December, CREDO members voted to donate more than $21,000 to the organization. Last summer, Muslim Advocates partnered with CREDO and other allies on successful campaigns to pressure corporations not to legitimize hate by refusing to sponsor the Republican National Convention.

During their visit, Scott and Naheed touched on some important ways we can help:

  1. Stay informed: With so many recent attacks on the Muslim community, keep up-to-date on the news, legislation and unconstitutional executive orders affecting Muslims and other communities affected by the deplorable actions of Trump and his right-wing allies in Congress.
  2. Get involved locally: Non-Muslims should speak up to their elected officials and ask what their lawmakers are doing to stop the Muslim ban and to protect Muslims from hate crimes in their community.
  3. Reach out: Get to know your local Muslim leaders and members in your community and ask them how you can help.

When we come together to fight Trump and other extremists’ racism and bigotry against Muslims, we’re sending a clear message that Muslims are an integral part of our communities and should never be treated otherwise. As Scott put it, “The public narrative around Muslims is stuck in a frame about national security. It’s not about people wanting to worship, be regular, participate equally in society. And Muslim people need a seat at the table to make that happen.”

Couldn’t make the live stream of Scott and Naheed’s visit? Watch the full presentation below.

LIVE NOW: A conversation with Muslim Advocates on fighting hat…

CREDO welcomes Muslim Advocates’ Public Advocacy Director Scott Simpson and Deputy Director Naheed Qureshi for an update on their efforts to counter hate, protect vulnerable communities and combat Trump’s anti-Muslim agenda.

Posted by CREDO Mobile on Tuesday, March 21, 2017

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