CREDO introduces Amazon Alexa voice command

Thanks to our partnership with Witlingo, we’re the first political activist group to launch an Amazon Alexa skill. Simply saying “Alexa, ask CREDO for the latest news” will allow progressives to stay on top of the latest news and calls to action.

CREDO’s CEO Ray Morris recently told Voicebot why we chose to develop an Alexa voice command:

“In the past year, we have looked to new channels to persist our message because it is an important one. We support important causes like human rights, basic civil liberties, women’s rights and the environment. Because of this, our members come in many shapes and sizes and different social and economic backgrounds. We’re always looking for a new channel to find new audiences who like what we’re saying and want to support our progressive network. Alexa seemed like a natural extension for us.”

Head over to to read our full interview to learn more about how AI can work with progressive action to create change.