Double Donations in December: Advancing the Movement for Black Lives

December donations are advancing the movement for Black Lives

The movement for Black lives changed the conversation in 2016. No longer could America ignore issues like police violence against people of color, criminal justice reform and economic injustice. Taking to the street, activists created a new conversation and forced the media to cover their issues like never before.

In 2017, it is critical this work continue. That is why CREDO decided to select groups advancing the movement for Black lives for one of the slates we will fund in our special December donations election. This month, instead of donating our typical monthly contribution, we’ll be donating over $300,000. And instead of three groups, you’ll be able to vote for three issue slates, each comprised of five nonprofits, to fund a total of 15 groups. These organizations are small, grassroots groups, meaning your vote will go even further.

Learn more about the groups in the “Advancing the Movement for Black Lives” slate below, and cast your vote by Dec. 31.

Black Alliance for Just Immigration logBlack Alliance for Just Immigration

The Black Alliance for Just Immigration (BAJI) is a racial justice and migrants’ rights organization that organizes, advocates and raises awareness about issues facing Black immigrants and African Americans.

Black Out Collective logoBlackOUT Collective

The BlackOUT Collective is a full service Black direct action organization that provides on-the-ground support, training and deep space visioning in communities that prioritize the liberation of Black people.

Black Youth Project logBlack Youth Project 100

Black Youth Project 100 (BYP100) is a national member-based organization at the forefront of training, organizing and mobilizing young Black activists for racial, economic, gender and LGBTQ justice in the Movement for Black Lives.


Center for Media Justice logoCenter for Media Justice
There are no voiceless people, only those who haven’t been heard yet. The Center for Media Justice is a national, next generation civil rights organization fighting for dignity, rights and racial justice in a digital age.

Southerners on New Ground logSoutherners on New Ground
Southerners on New Ground (SONG) builds a beloved community of LGBTQ people in the South who are ready and willing to challenge oppression in order to bring about liberation for all people.

Learn more about the other December donations organizations and the progressive causes they support: “Fighting for Climate Justice” and “Standing Up Against Trump’s Hate”. Be sure to cast your vote by Dec. 31.

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