At CREDO, your privacy is not for sale

At CREDO, protecting our customers’ privacy is not simply a policy, but a core value of our business. That’s why we were appalled to learn that AT&T sees your privacy as a path to profit. Citing “new documents” published by the Daily Beast, the Consumerist wrote (emphasis added):

[N]ot only does AT&T collect and retain a staggering amount of data on everything that happens in its network, but also that it has formed partnerships with law enforcement agencies all around the country to sell access to that database for as much as a million dollars per year.

At CREDO Mobile, your privacy is not for sale. Period. That is why CREDO became the first mobile phone company in 2014 to issue a transparency report following Edward Snowden’s revelations about the vast quantity of data ensnared by the National Security Agency. The Washington Post took note:

Ever since we learned that the country’s phone companies were handing vast amounts of data to the government under court order, pressure has been mounting for them to publish a Silicon Valley-type transparency report detailing how exactly they’re complying. Now the first such report is out. But instead of coming from industry mainstays such as Verizon or AT&T, the disclosure comes from a little-known, left-leaning service known as CREDO Mobile.

We did not stop in 2014. We have continued to issue transparency reports every quarter. You can read our latest transparency report here.

It’s also why we were the only mobile phone company to earn a five-star rating last year from the Electronic Frontier Foundation for our policies protecting your data from government requests.

It’s now more important than ever for us to keep our members’ privacy safe, and no amount of money will change that.